This is CIA's plot to assassinate Aristide and Divalier in the...

Toulimen Legrand - March 6 2012, 12:41 PM

This is CIA's plot to assassinate Aristide and Divalier in the country and after they will go after all former presidents.

If they refuse to put aside their differences and form a council of former Haitian presidents, they will get killed oneby one by CIA. Now, the drone airplane over Haiti will get them killed one by one if the CIA hit men in Port Au Prince refuse to do the dirty job. This is a country well controlled and managed by the U.S.CIA and the Martelly's government is filled by those paid CIA's agents as well as within the Haitian Congress.

We are far to have a country for ourself.

Haiti will remain the backyard of the US and Haitians will always be considered as Guinea Pigs of the US. We will live in exile forever if we don't stand up for our rights.

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Any Haitian presidents that get kill by CIA deserves...

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