Politics and good just don't go well together. Since...

Marjorie Middy - March 7 2012, 8:28 PM

Politics and good just don't go well together.

Since Dessalines to Martelly, plundering the country's wealth has always been acceptable by those politicians.

It is just got worse as the game got tougher along the years.

The Duvaliers have done very little to truly help my people fostering a better lifestyle.

As a matter of fact, they have been exploited and taking advantage of.
In 1986, Jean Claude left Haiti with most of the Country's money leaving Haiti on the brink of National Bankruptcy.

How soon we forget.

We Haitians have selective memory and blame others when it is convenient.

I was born under the Jean Claude Administration (1971).

Through my father's eyes and business I have watched the administration to up close and personal.

We chose to forgive some and prosecute and persecute others on whims.

Aristide is no better or different than any other president who has occupied the National Office.

They all killed their opponents and filled up their pockets to the maximum with no regards to the people who have elected them.
It is about time that we people demand answers as to what is important to us. When and how those demands will be filled.

Demand time limit to each phase of our demands.

we should demand transparency and accountability from our Government in terms of National expenditures and money reserved.

This time table should be done on a semester basis with no excuses.

I hope Martelly is up to the tasks.

Now that Mardi-gras is all over, let us hope he can concentrate on priorities.

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Aristide se youn nan pi bon prezidan ayiti te k...

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