I have nothing against Jean-Claude, Our land was ok when he...

Richelle - March 6 2012, 7:07 PM

I have nothing against Jean-Claude, Our land was ok when he was president, but Aristide, this guy is nothing but a disaster for our country;therefore, he deserves to be judge by International court.

I have been saying that for so long, Aristide needs to be judge by international court and he will be find gulty of every charge they have on him. Aristide is a voodoo priest, thief,and the most ugly president Haiti ever had. Preval will be next, Boniface,and the rest of the crooks.

They have nothing against Jean-Claude, he'll be fine believe me, but aristide he'll be pay for all of his crimes.

Bringing Aristide to justice has nothing to do with who would benefit from it, however,that will send a clear message to the rest of the crooks.

Everybody who had power since Jen-Claude left, they all should be judge by the court of law--and find gulty get life sentece, but for Aristide, I vote "hang" that guy was too ugly too voodoo to be president--shame on the haitian people voted that ugly guy.

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Richelle, let the Haitian justice follow its course...

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