Mr. Martelly, If the kitchen is too hot, then you have got to...

Bernadette - March 6 2012, 8:00 PM

Mr. Martelly, If the kitchen is too hot, then you have got to get out. What are you waiting for to make a significant move?

You can't ignore this present situation, Can you?

First and foremost, why did not you amend or formulate your own Constitution to start with?

Your election was easy but to say in the game you have to work a whole lot harder.

Word of caution: Don't try to emulate Francois Duvalier, he had a unique style; Haiti had done that and been there.

You promised something fresh and new. We all looking over your shoulders awaiting this new Haiti.

Please don't disappoint us. We can't take too many more disappointments.

Let's move on. Find a way out of this mess. Make amends, make realistic deals, keep your people afloat.

Don't curse people, you will only create enemies.

If you don't like a questions, give a vague answer or take the 5th Amendment (US - No comment) with a large smile on top like most polished politicians do.

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