A Letter from President Aristide: I HAVE to Come Back To Haiti Or Be Blind...

BREAKING NEWS - An official letter has just been released by FANMI LAVALAS, Aristide's Political Party. In this letter, President Jean Bertrand Aristide clearly states that he is ready to come back home to Haiti AND for medical reasons... "I will be BLIND if I spend another winter in South Africa," the president says...

President Aristide Crying - Gade Aristide k-ap Kriye

Here is the letter in full... ...

Dr. Jean-Bertrand Aristide
Ex. President of Haiti
January 19, 2011

I want to thank the Government and people of South Africa for the historic hospitality, deeply rooted in Ubuntu, they have shown to my family and me.

Since my forced arrival to the Mother Continent it has been six and a half years, the people of Haiti have never ceased to demand my return to Haiti. Despite the enormous challenges they face in the wake of the deadly earthquake of January 12, 2010 their determination to make my return a reality has only increased.

In my case, I'm ready. Once again I express my willingness to leave today, tomorrow, anytime. The goal is clear: to contribute as a private citizen, to serve my Haitian brothers and sisters in the field of education.

My return is also essential for medical reasons: It has strongly recommended for me not to spend another winter in South Africa, because in 6 years, I've had six eye surgeries. The surgeons are excellent and very well qualified, but they feel the unbearable pain experienced winter should be avoided to reduce the risk of complications and blindness.

So to all those who ask me to return to the fold, I renew my determination to leave today, tomorrow, anytime. Hopefully the governments of Haiti and South Africa will soon be in talks to respond to my request within the next few days.

United with the Haitian people, once again my family and I reiterate our sincere gratitude to the Government and people of South Africa.



What is your opinion about the content of this letter and President Aristide's concerns

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All Comments (62)

Agent-x says...

Operation blackout began Kombyen yoye

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Macelo says...

what are you trying to drive at?

don't write for the sake of

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Operation makandal unit98,it's look like your guys don't get it!
This world is too small for the two of us, meaning Aristide and I, one of us have to go "nan peyi san chapo".

I was train not to let my target go any where but down.
Just make it simple i will stop when he go

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Operation Makandal Unit98 says...

You Alexaner are an old rat and a very corrupted specimen.

Leave Aristide alone.

Aristed build Schools in Haiti while Jean Claude Duvalier used the same monies to buy exotic cars and women.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

B-52,Aristide is not a traitor to the Haitian people?

Stop blaming CIA or accusing people of CIA agents, while you guys open the door to destroy Haiti up and down.
Remember CIA cannot control your life, cause not enough people and ressources but can destroy you if you show your face in the wrong window.

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B-52 says...

Those that are persecuting Aristide on this blog and other blogs are known Haitian traitors CIA agents.

They are well known as such in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, Europe Middle East and Asia. Put their first and last name on Google add the sign + and write CIA then press enter.

Chita sou ti chaize bas nou et toute secret kakarat pouille defiler devant zeux nou. Rapplez nou ke Stanley Lucas te en Afghatanistan comme executionaire pou Americains.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Carine, Aristide is a "good for nothing" mob boss, and he was a dumb one too.
He was not a priest!he was a voodoo priest hiding behind an altar.

Ozanfer was his personal guide in mysticism, but he went mad(crazy) in the head after Ozanfer told him he will be president some day, after the death of Ozanfer, he works alone behind an altar at St Jean Bosco doing serum night.

Worse president in Haiti

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Carine Simeon says...

The Truth About Aristide: Mob Boss or Persecuted Priest?

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Aukens Picard says...

Aristide an Haitian president shouldn't be in such situation to beg nobody to enter back in his country after he was kidnapped in February 2004. Edmond Mulet was in Haiti for a while and he used to pass order to the Haitian president and his staff when ever he feels like, this is insane.

Is Haiti a sovereign country?

William Jefferson Clinton the former US president has more power than the actual guy who was elected recently in Haiti.

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Javier Pascal says...

Aristid pa pral nen prizon ou met bliye sa Michelle Montas
Michele Montas Dominique Just Filed Complaint Against Jean-Bertrand Aristide

Tuesday March 22, 2011 10:50 AM

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