Duvalier Has A Thursday Return Ticket Back To France - Can Or Will He Use It?

Jean Claude Duvalier has a return ticket from Haiti back to France, it's dated Thursday, January 19, 2011... Will he stay or will he go?

Jean Claude Baby Doc Duvalier In Haiti

In other words "Duvalier has RESERVATION..." and it is NOT over the OAS Report, his RESERVATION is on Air France!

LOL... Oh, sometimes I think I'm funny...

Can Duvalier just grab his suitcase, go to the airport, and go back to France?



Who can or who will stop him?

Should he stay or should he go?

Reply with your comments

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Earl says...

Organize to stop him or has he already returned?

Jean Claude Duvalier did nothing wrong.

The only mistake he made was to marry the Bennett woman and allow her father (his father-in-law) to run the county.

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Jash says...

He came own he's own, he has to leave own his own, because he's Haitian

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Sergo Jean says...

I disagree, because he is Haitian, if he wants to no problem.menn bagay la an focus nan retou Aristide avec lot lider ki an exil yo pouvinn fe consta e concluzion pou mete tet yo ansanm pou vinn reconstwi Haiti san group sa yo ou we cap pale des parols san sans. yo fe nou pe pou ka profite rich sou nou. Aristide welcome back to Haiti epi mwen ta renmen le ou tounen an pou Jean claude Duvalier al rencontre ou nan airpot la pou montre reconstruction Haiti a se nou ki pral fe li ansanm pou mounn pa vinn bay pep la titonel pou yal Habite cote ke yo pral declare se kay li ye.Pep la connen sa ki rele Maison ou bien kay ou House.nou pat connen a bitue nan fatra ni nan poubel se yon ti paradis Haiti te ye.Tout Haitien an uni pou fe Histoire anco san group mafia sa yo, nou capab e nou ap fel mete tout anbition deye e politic magoull pou fe travay sa.nou gen yon peyi pou sauve.Jean claude fe group ou wa bay group Aristide la securite et Aristide fe demenm pou Jean claude paske nou tout coupab e nap mande pep la pardon eli depann de nou menm avec pep la pou bagay sa yo ca resoud.

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Bernard says...

The game that is being played in Haiti is bigger than you and me, the super powers that occupied us as a result of the bad leaders we have had for the past 26yrs.

are going to do what they want, no if's or but's about it, dont be surprise if you hear that all the charges against Duvalier are dropped, what can we do?

we have a mess of a country, Its time to start fixing this mess, forgive and

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Haiti Libere says...


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Maleine says...

Ahh baby doc vin mouri nan peyi'l sou yon repotaj CNN fe juge misye di li pap fe yon pa nago haiti se peyi'l alo li vini pou'l rete e li ka menm konsidere rantre nan politik anko

Alo ke pep focus so bagay eleksyon sa tande paske kout sezisman papa doc bann la retire bon nanm men fo nou di non pou

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Marie says...

I think he should stay. I tried not to just viewed the wrong that he did in Haiti.

I see an economic benefit, if he stays in Haiti.

The money he will spend, would greatly help the

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Mm says...

For JC...beleive me, staying in Haiti will all of your comments...or calamities...It is a better life than being in Paris...You do not realize what does that mean for a man who lost his power, his money, lovers and friends or his palace...JC does. He will do anything to leave in

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Raynald Delerme says...

Leaving Haiti for Jean-Claude Duvalier depends on 3 things:
1. Does the Cabinet d'Instruction needs him for further questioning?

If so, he has to be readily available for Haiti's justice system, thus can not leave.

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