B-52,Aristide is not a traitor to the Haitian people? Stop...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - June 11 2011, 3:08 PM

B-52,Aristide is not a traitor to the Haitian people?

Stop blaming CIA or accusing people of CIA agents, while you guys open the door to destroy Haiti up and down.
Remember CIA cannot control your life, cause not enough people and ressources but can destroy you if you show your face in the wrong window.

Mwen vreman chita sou yon ti cheze ba ap tan, Also i have a modified AK-47 in my right hand in the other hand i also have a bible in it.
Choose your paths with me asshole, i can send you to hell if you choose hell, also i can teach you peace if you choose the peace road with me.
Cocksucker, stop bitching like French poodle and removes all those hair on your face like that you can see.

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Those that are persecuting Aristide on this blog and...

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You Alexaner are an old rat and a very corrupted...

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