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Haiti Election - Nan Thomond Group Individi vle vote san kat electoral

Nan Thomond ki situe nan depatman sant, Group Individi vle vote san kat electoral. Moun ki nan zon fe konnen se fason paw goup individi sa yo pou yo... more »

Fort Liberte Haiti Election Day - All Is Well

Election day in Fort Liberte is going very well according to the latest reports coming from Haiti. There are no reports of incidents as of yet more »

Marchand Dessalines, ONE DEAD, Many Injured - Haiti Election Day

Shots fired in Marchand Dessalines Haiti on election day, ONE Confirmed Dead, One Gracia Delva supporter in the hospital from a bullet wound. there... more »

Terrier Rouge Haiti Election Day - All is well so far

Election day is going well in Terrier Rouge Haiti according to the latest new report. No problems or incidents reported in Terrier Rouge! more »

Thomassin Haiti Election Day - RDNP Mandataire Problems

There is a big problem in the area of Thomassin 25 Haiti. There is a BIG issue with Faux Mandataire who claim to represent the RDNP Political party... more »

Savanette Haiti Election Day - LAVNI Candidate Spoils The Priocess

Savannette Haiti, Section Communale Konlobye - There is a news report that a Depute candidate from the political party LAVNI spoiled the election in... more »

Haiti Election 2011 - 40 Polling stations lack materials

Haiti Election 2011- Port-au-Prince, more than 40 polling stations lack materials... The voting center of the Lyc more »

Haiti Election - Problems surfaced right away Missing ink or Ballot

Hundreds of polling stations failed to open on schedule, a similar problem that plagued a first-round vote in November that ended in chaos and... more »

Maissade Haiti Election Day - Man Arrested For Disruption

A man in Maissade has just been arrested and detained by police for disturbing the electoral process. We don't know exactly what this man did but he... more »

Haiti Election - Burning Tires

Witnesses report that there are burning tires on the road #1 9 Route national Numero 1 [Plaine], at the level of Damien more »

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