Due to the damages caused by the hurricane Matthew, the...

Paul Bance - October 7 2016, 12:05 PM

Due to the damages caused by the hurricane Matthew, the elected is delayed until they fixed all the cables because they are having difficulties communicating with the rest of the country and the people overseas.

Many flights to Haiti have been canceled.

It is better for Haiti to wait until the holiday weeks starting December 22 to January 2, 2017 to hold the elections.

Right now, many people are sick, it is difficult to travel and the roads are broken.

The people are trying to fix their homes, many are without a home, they are sleeping with neighbors, under tents.

It is very traumatic at this time. Wait, wait, restez dans la priere until further notice.

It may take two to three months to recover from the hurricane.

Many people lose their homes, their belongings and needs basic needs.

They need fresh water, food, medications, emotional treatment.

Take it easy. O, Lord Help Haiti.

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