How long before the Haitian elections are held?

While some Haitians are mourning and part of the country is a mess in the aftermath Hurricane Matthew, there are many who are asking how long it will take before the elections are held...

Haiti Elections 2015 - Le ou La Fason, PEP la VOTE... LOL...

Elections that were scheduled for Sunday on hold and a date is not yet determined.

While it is true that the southern peninsula of Haiti will take time to recover from the devastating hurricane, some people are concerned. They are wondering whether the current government will put the elections on hold until Haiti recovers, something that will take quite a long time to happen.

Will the elections take place in a few weeks, a few months, or a few years?

For some, waiting until Wednesday to find out is a long wait.

What do you think about that?

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Peter Godson says...

Haitian people, get out to vote for a president who will rebuild Haiti in every department.

Get out to vote for a president who will bring a minimum wage $2-$3 an hour, vote for a president who will ring healthcare in every department, vote for a president who bring professional schools in the South, the North, the East, the West, not only in Port au Prince, vote for a president who will decentralize Port au Prince ao students do not have to leave their family life for enlightenment.

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Peter Godson says...

Are the Haitian people ready for their election?

What date do they choose for their election?

How is their election going

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Peter Godson says...

Martelly wanted to pursue his musical experiences and real estate business.

He does not have to be President to do something for Haiti.

He can rebuild Haiti by developing affordable housing.

He wants his own Conservatory of Music.

Music is his domain.

He takes a break from politics.

He is an accomplished man. Haiti still needs him. Haiti loves

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Peter Godson says...

We do not j=know why Martelly did not want a second

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Goldstein says...

you should beg martelly to come back and
try to do something positive with haiti.

i ve been helping haiti for decades, i
believe he's the only one who seemed to have a reasonable ambition for the country.

Negative thinking brings all the
misery to individuals, the same with countries.

Cheer up, my

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Peter Godson says...

Haiti needs Reform so Haiti can develop in Agriculture, Commerce, Education, in Healthcare, Social mobilization, in Finances, Transportation, Communications, etc.

The departments of Haiti need Governors to develop Economy in Haiti in all departments in Haiti.

For example, the Cayes need Aristide as Governor, The Nippes need Privert after the election as Governor, The Grande Anse needs Martelly as Governor to find solution to develop these regions.

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La Belle Creole says...

They should wait until the country is back to its feet, mostly the southern part ie Jeremie, Cayes, Les Nippes.

Nou pa ka mache sou cadav uo pou nal

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Paul Bance says...

Due to the damages caused by the hurricane Matthew, the elected is delayed until they fixed all the cables because they are having difficulties communicating with the rest of the country and the people overseas.

Many flights to Haiti have been canceled.

It is better for Haiti to wait until the holiday weeks starting December 22 to January 2, 2017 to hold the elections.

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Jean Bernadel Antoine says...

Kesyon sa a se otorite yo, ki konnen.

Men sa mandé di tan, avan yo pran Dat eleksyon an. Pèp la nan nesesite.

rezoud pwoblem pèp la, après pran Dat eleksyon

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