Yes the situation is very volatile for the moment but it was...

Neglakay - February 6 2016, 12:54 PM

Yes the situation is very volatile for the moment but it was expected since the International Community who supported Martelly in his Adelante doctrine, knows exactly about the President's involvement and intention about armed forces.

Minustah is still in Haiti and I don't see the need for U.S intervention.

The people, however, wants things done differently than in the past. Martelly, PHTK, the Core Group must open their eyes and ears to understand that. Any solution that does not satisfy the street will be a problem.

The street speaks through the G-8 and their solution is the most acceptable for now. Cour de cassation for the Presidency; a Prime minister from the opposition; the Truth Commission to verify the votes and elections to complete the cycle.

The street will not obey and they have the upper hand now in this phase of the crisis.

Martelly is cooked, that is a fact. Now we must pick ourselves up and try our best to minimize the losses.

Things are not looking great.

Parliament lacks the full legitimacy it ought to have and therefore cannot be the sole decision maker.

The street that stopped the pongongon train must have its say. Otherwise, we are in for some dark days ahead.

The marines will not help. They can only secure the U.S Embassy or other interests but not the country.

God have mercy upon us.

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