Please educate me on his platform and before you do, please...

Cheria - December 4 2015, 1:09 PM

Please educate me on his platform and before you do, please tell me why he didn't work on these wonderful things while he was working under Aristide and then Preval?

When you are done, please explain to me why he is afraid of debates?

Also explain to me why he shot off his foot by joining that terrorist GROUP8 when he should have used his political gravitas to sway him to his side and deal Jovenel Moise that final knockout punch?

Jovenel Moise is the superior candidate no matter what. I don't want to hear about Michel Martelly, he is on his way out!

Leave the CEP alone because you people were ok with them when they were kicking out other qualified candidates like Lamothe, Lemarque etc...

You didn't get the result you want, so now you want to change the rules of the game. You accuse Martelly of cheating without proof, but you want to do just that by rigging the game for your candidate.

GO to second tour as planned and make sure your goons are watching the votes people! Jude will lose again because he cannot offer anything that Jovenel hasn't already proven he can do, and is in the process of expanding.

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This is a gutsy move. Anybody is stupid and dumb to...

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