As the days go back, that Jude Celestin is proving himself to...

Cheria - December 4 2015, 1:03 PM

As the days go back, that Jude Celestin is proving himself to be dumber than a ton of rocks! What pray tell does he intend to tell his G7 accolades?

What international ally (and they bankroll this mess) will agree to a transitional government inciting more confusion and instability?

I am ok with new members for CEP, but let's not forget that the same people who are crying foul chose these CEP members.

Does he still intend to get rid of Jovenel Moise and run against himself at a later date unopposed?

Clearly that his is wish.

Look sa nou pa vle we a, se li nap we tande...Jovenel Moise has been working his butt off to win votes.

Jude Celestin chita nan mitan PAP lap grate grenn li, santi'l. Li wer doub 6 ap mouri nan main li, donc, li vin lage yon lot pil fatra ate. Misye pa intelijan mem nan zafe politik.

Li met al fait do do, kite Moise Jean Charles renkontre aveK Neg Bananan.

Clearly the latter two have the stomach for this thing.

Jude, however, does not!!


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