Haiti Elections - Jude Celestin's LAPEH Party wants Another Election Date

Haiti Elections Update -- Jude Celestin's political party LAPEH is asking for another date for Round 2 of the presidential elections AND, at the same time, proposing that a transition government handle the elections...

Haiti Elections - Jovenel Moise vs Jude Celestin
Haiti Elections - Jovenel Moise vs Jude Celestin

LAPEH Official Luckner Jabrun says:

"LAPEH never said we will not participate in the next elections, but we can not continue this race with the current electoral council. We are not in a hurry but we request the change of the current election date and a transitional government to organize honest, credible and transparent elections"

Jude Celestin is still officially in the race; he has not told the electoral council (CEP) that he is not going to round 2 set for 27 Dec 2015, an opportunity that candidate in 3rd place Moise Jean Charles is silently wishing for... Who doesn't want to President of Haiti? LOL...

QUESTION: Why push the election date forward if you do not plan to participate... What is that telling you about LAPEH and his canidate?

What do you think about that???

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Mia Salvador says...

I am the only one who can change Haiti and bring a better life to the Haitian people but I am not into running for President right now.
I am the only who can make Haiti a better place to

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Jean says...

Cheria, I agree with you. The constitution should change and add an elected chief of department or gorvernor for each department to have some training and make a name for yourself.

Also, the biggest problem in Haiti is the justice system.

The justice system is not trusted by anyone.

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Cheria says...

No election is without flaw, but the real reason why these old fashion politicians are losing is because politics in Haiti changed under Martelly.

He modernized it. You have to campaign and convince the people to rally behind you without bribes.

Offer them something good that can tangibly change their lives and deliver on it! It is no longer ok to just wake up one day, decide you want to get rich quick and run for President based upon your PAP contacts, your good looks and nice French.

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Cheria says...

Please educate me on his platform and before you do, please tell me why he didn't work on these wonderful things while he was working under Aristide and then Preval?

When you are done, please explain to me why he is afraid of debates?

Also explain to me why he shot off his foot by joining that terrorist GROUP8 when he should have used his political gravitas to sway him to his side and deal Jovenel Moise that final knockout punch?

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Cheria says...

As the days go back, that Jude Celestin is proving himself to be dumber than a ton of rocks! What pray tell does he intend to tell his G7 accolades?

What international ally (and they bankroll this mess) will agree to a transitional government inciting more confusion and instability?

I am ok with new members for CEP, but let's not forget that the same people who are crying foul chose these CEP members.

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William Jean-marie says...

This is a gutsy move. Anybody is stupid and dumb to believe Jovenel can win without Martelly and CORE GROUP.

Jude is fit to lead this country.

Nobody follow the dictates of an unjust regime.

Jude, move Haiti

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Jean says...

Jude claim is different than what the G8 asks. He asks for a new date and a de-facto government to organize the elections.Thus, the G8 asks to completely cancel the elections of October 25th and start over. There is a different philosophy here.Mwen santi Jude antre nan bizango san li pa konnen.Politically, he is not very smart.

He would easily win the elections of December 27 if he could convince the G8 (Moise JC) with a good plan.Unfortunately, he never had a plan. As I said before, Jude will never be the president of Haiti; he is not very intelligent and he misses that opportunity.

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