It is sad that under the Duvalier's dictatorship, even...

Legrand Parisien Salvant - November 11 2014, 11:06 AM

It is sad that under the Duvalier's dictatorship, even official, all the elections were held making sure the Parliament is functional.

The actual political situation is the consequence of the non respect for the institutions, and the repeated violations of the Constitution since 1986. We have only, for the past 28 years, respected the constitution while it suited our selfish interests and in violating at the same time. Our shortsightedness and inability to make a National Plan resulted in our country being occupied and international mercenaries trampling the sacred land of our ancestors.

Who's fault?

We are all guilty.

It seems like, people talk and talk about their love for Haiti and in reality through their actions, nobody loves this symbol of liberty for all humankind.

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