Fault or not, don't even think about that, the issue of the...

Patrick Princivil - November 11 2014, 11:38 AM

Fault or not,

don't even think about that, the issue of the selfishness of the diasporas and the rich people who live in Haiti, 5 % thief sat in the Haitian's government for many years with a poor mentality, drag the poor Haitian's people in the poverty, poor technology, poor education, poor professional's people.

poor farm, poor factory, poor school, poorcontractors and poor engeneer etc.

Almost all diploma, license, and certified paper the rich people have in Haiti are fake, because they think with their money they can buy President, Prime minister, Senator, Lawyer, judge, etc. that's why from 1957-2010; they didn't want people who know how to read to be President; that's why they was looking for Voodoo priest or witchcraft (lougarou, sanpoel, zobop, masonloge) and free-mason with no education to be President of Haiti.

Because of selfishness, that's why God in heaven kept alive all the Presidents from 1971-2014; to teach them a lesson.

because of their wickedness the good Christians of Haiti suffer a lot, but the question we have to ask: who are more stupid, the wicked or the Christians?

that's why the rich feel to practice gay marriage everywhere in the world.

Disaster happened in many countries, I understand that but, let us think about January/12/2010;

Poor houses fall in the hearth quake, but big building fall too, what is the point?

The last thing I want you to know is:
in the hearth quake, Diasporas died, Haitians died, American's people, Canadians, Dominicans, French died, write people, and black people too.

In 2010 after the hearth quake I heard a free-mason's guy told a Seventh day Adventist woman: in the hearth-quake, churches fall, Voodoo temple fall, pastors dies, free-mason die etc. yes, I agree with that, but the good Christians will not meet Jesus-Christ in the air with the wicked.

Whatever how deep if President Martelly, Laurent Lamothe and the police chief Godson Orelus etc. are in the free-mason, witchcraft and Voodoo, I don't care, we are tired of tires' burner Haitians people, every single week manifestation, (tout machan poisson santi nan la rue, wele, wele, estera, machan fey, madan sara, Senate, depute, masisi ak madivine sou Bele ak cite soleil ap fe zen, tenten nannan, get manman yo nou vle fini ak tout tenten sa yo.

Prezidan Martelly, Laurent Lamothe, Godson Orelus, pa trayi Prezidan Martelly ak Lamothe selman, kale bouda nou jann vle pou yon lot 5 ans, pa dekre ou non nou se yon tren ki pa gen fren, viv Prezidan Martelly ak Lamothe pou kontinye retire peyi d'Haiti nan kaka. Amen! Amen

Christians, don't worry Jesus-Christ is coming for the wicked.

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