Martelly-Lamothe to lead Haiti for a Minimum of 20 years, No more room for coco-rates

Patrick Princivil - May 28 2014, 3:14 PM

I don't care about who will be the next Président between Martelly and Lamothe, I care about Président Martelly-Lamothe to lead the country of Haïti for a Minimum of 20 years to fix Haiti properly, whatever the way they split it I will agree with that; they travel and they see the way other countries look like, I will be behind them in Jesu's name.

No more room for coco-rates, I would like Président Martelly give chance to good people in the University /college of Haïti-US-Canada etc. to be in the parliament of Haïti also.

I don't want to hear people just know how to sing songs or playing instruments only are candidate of Haïti, we need qualify's people with good back ground doing music is good too, but more good people working in the field, that mean people who work in the Haitians' government, people who have experience already whatever diploma or not but ready to learn in Martelly's-Lmothe's government to do thing in the parliament of Haïti.

Imagine! 8 or 9 Presidents including Senators, deputies etc. came in the haitian's government with no experience, they pick-up experience and and they have a lot of experience now, some of them have more than 20 years working in the government of Haïti, almost all of them are not useful people, wicked and selfish.

Instead of helping Haïti to do better they preferred to choose a new carrier to work against Haïti, they upgraded their knowledge as tire's burners and destroyers, just to be only Président, just to have acces to sucks the Haitian's bloods.

My opinion is: we don't want tire's burner to be candidate in Haïti anymore, imagine Jude Celestin was a candidate who spent more money in the election of Haïti as a candidate in 2010; Where is Jude Celestin?

Where is Réné Préval?

Where is Aristide?

Where is Madam Manigat etc.?

I understand that she is 71 years old, but I hop she is not one between the tires's burners and destroyers, Why they can't be in the parliament with Président Martelly-Lamothe?

Can we trust these people with the name lavalas, Unité, party opposition etc. in the next election of Haïti in 2016?

Nan ka sa-a Prézidan Martelly ak Lamothe kalé bouda nou nan Palais Haïti a jan nou vlé actuellement mwen pa wè aucun chien bout ké ki ka bat nou nan prochain éléction ki gin pou vini en 2016.

Pou'm ta fè yon diférans entre nou-min'm avek yo fòk mwen ta wè yap koupé rout nan tout kwen nan province Haïti a pou nou ka mété tèt ensemble ak payizan yo pou nou planté la tè, pou distribuyé, manjé nou yo au Canada-US-St Domingue etc. konsa nou ta mété yo sou mou'n si yo ta fè sa yo tap vin'n pi rich min sé pa sak nan tèt yo, dèyè volè yo yé, sé pou yo vi'n pran min'm piyaye la ankò si yo kapab.

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