People in Haiti are NOT busy enough for steady jobs, that's why they protest for nonsense

Junie Pierre Louis - November 29 2013, 4:42 PM

It can justified with the following: Stop "estavègle" in Haiti, Creat jobs, raise their minimum salary to $9.00 USA will have them become self sufficient that will decrease the mercenary system.

Create safe roads, portable water in every home and facilities, no more "komòd" flush able toilets at home, twenty four hours electricity countrywide will justified their behaviors.

Yes in any democratic country people allow to protest without violence.

A group of people gathering in a public place for a common ground is a way of speaking out to their government.

I think a non-violent manifestation for good causes is fantastic.

People are not busy enough with a steady job is their reason that they've times to manifest for nonsense

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