Manifestation in Haiti - 29 Nov, People are gathering to head to the US Embassy

The 29 NOV 2013 Haiti protest if ON... The latest news coming from Haiti is that people are gathering in downtown Port-au-Prince from Belair, Cite Soleil, and Delmas 2... Once gathered, they are heading to the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince...

In the mean time there is another group gathering in front of St Jean Bosco to head to Ruelle Vaillant.

Rete branche, tout sa nou tande, nap pataje li avew

Kisa-w Tande?

Kisa-w konnen?

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Nap Kite Sa says...

A typical US president salary is $400,000. a year. How can you truly believe that Aristide did anything LEGAL TO GET THAT KIND OF MONEY.

No wonder Aristide does not respect

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Capois Lamort says...

I have an answer...

A) he [Aristide] worked hard for it...

B) He worked very hard to steal it!!!! or C) Haiti pays more than the U.S...

I doubt it though.

Hey Obama! you are under paid bro!

OBAMA: "No i am not your ex-president is just a thief.

Leeeeeet me be clear...

He is a

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Capois Lamort says...

Se Ameriken ki te di Ayiti paka ap fe eleksyon shak jou. Ayiti pa gen kob pou eleksyon.

Senater ak depite krazed peyi sa yo se job yo ke yo vle selman.

Gad tout bel travay kap fet an Ayiti koulye-a, epi yo vle krazel.

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Franck says...

Attention, Foreing Country will let Santo Domingo take over HAITI with a Governor for Haiti.

No more

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Marie Anne says...

Si ou se on Ayisyen ki gen vale ak dinyite, ki konen sa personalite vle di, ou ta bay le bra ak tout ayisyen parey ou yo.

Nou ta mete men nan men menm jan li te konn fet lontan pou nou lite ak peyi sè ak frè nou yo ki pas vle we nou.

Se pa le moman pou ou menm, mesye Senatè, pou wap me divizyon, ede presidan Martelly pou li ka jwenn on kote nan peyi a pou li mete yon lot Departman pou pitit menm san ak ou yap mete deyo nan Sen

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Junie Pierre Louis says...

It can justified with the following: Stop "estavègle" in Haiti, Creat jobs, raise their minimum salary to $9.00 USA will have them become self sufficient that will decrease the mercenary system.

Create safe roads, portable water in every home and facilities, no more "komòd" flush able toilets at home, twenty four hours electricity countrywide will justified their behaviors.

Yes in any democratic country people allow to protest without violence.

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Nap Kite Sa says...

They want blood and power and wealth.

Haven't you heard?

Aristide's net worth is 800 million USD. More than Barack Obama and other ex-presidents.

Aristide had no money when he entered power.

Ask yourself, where did he get the money from?

than you might understand how Haiti's well being is not what is important for these

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Calixte Guerrier says...

Yes, but they have to give the president time to fix the economic.

The President only been in Power for two years.

So, not much he could

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Darline Jean Louis says...

I don't understand, what the hell these people

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