Assassins offspring Nicholas Duvalier & Magalie Bosquet

Agent-x - August 31 2012, 5:49 AM

Assassins offspring Nicholas Duvalier & Magalie Bosquet are teaching Martelly crew how to torture, poisoning and execute Martelly opponents while Michelle Bennet and Jean Claude Duvalier are teaching them how to loot the Haitian treasuary and hide the monies.

According to
Who is Magalie Bosquet?

To begin with, she is President Martelly's wife, Sophia, chief of staff.

Ms. Bosquet, a former longtime resident of Miami, until her appointment to the said phantom position, is the only daughter and child of Haiti's notorious chief of Tonton Macoute (Duvaliers' bloodthirsty militia) chiefs, the late Madame Max Adolphe, who imprisoned and murdered untold number of Haitians.

Douche (his nickname), a male cousin of hers and former tyrant Duvaliers' well-known Fort Dimanche prison (the death chamber chief was illiterate, still he received a monthly check from each one of the dirt-poor nation' ministries) super-commander, was forced to execute her while standing in front of a grave dig hours earlier only for so.
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