A Haitian police who works as kidnapper was arrested.His accomplices fled.

Agent-x - June 25 2012, 5:53 PM

A group of Haitian police who work in uniform as kidnappers while transporting their victims in police car while awaiting for the ransom are now in hot water.


25 June 2012: Dispatches from Haiti indicates that policeman Elie Louis alias Pere Loulou, was arrested in connection in connection with the presumable murder of businessman Croicy Richardson.

Policeman Elie Louis and his colleagues kidnapped Mr. Croicy Richardson on 22 May 2012 in the Northern section of Haiti near Lemonade.

Elie Louis accomplices are believed to fled Haiti via Dominican Republic.

It is unclear whether the Haitian authorities alerted the INTERPOL on this case.

A policeman in custody in the case Croisy Richardson
The policeman Elijah alias Father Louis Louie, has been in police custody after a hearing this Monday, June 25, by
25 June 2012

Elie Louis alias P

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