Agent-x, To whom, you are referring too? Because i check...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - June 3 2012, 6:54 PM

To whom, you are referring too?

Because i check everything in those links, to me things looks okay, normal for concern citizens to react accordingly to the facts where theories do not apply at 100%.

By the way, i did not know that Michio Kaku had an interview with CNN concerning the Japan nuclear reactors?

For what i understood few months ago, those reactors were neutralize and stable;But according to Michio, they are not"thousands of rods are almost expose, only have 30 feet of water on the top of them.
I hope you understand the danger".

As for the UFO, he is wrong or he is hiding his true knowledge of their presence here on this planet already among us

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Michio Kaku on the future of quantum computing

The winos on this that envy and hate Michio Kaku because he has an higher IQ than him,let me tell you something: When...

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While talking about Michio Kaku, I forget to tell you...

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