The Haitian Earthquake Was An Act of GOD - Gold, Oil & Drugs

Agent-x - June 3 2012, 9:28 PM

According to cryptoporticusproductions-iwarp-com,[no date given]"The Haitian Earthquake Was An Act of GOD - Gold, Oil & Drugs"
Whoever controls energy controls the economy.

SUMMARY - Fictional Treatment:

DEEP CREEP: Conjecture about environmental warfare mounts as suspected "crafted disasters" are added to the rhythms of the Long Crisis of Permanent War. Anomalies seen in the sky, in weather, and tectonics spur connect-the-dots theories which have no chance of being proven, due to their highly classified issues.

Tectonic weaponry is a known potential but is it being tested and targeted, experimentally and practically?

Some claim the Norway spiral is linked to torsion physics and intensional tectonic warfare.

The potential of kindling tsunamis with bombs was tested in New Zealand in WWII.

TECTONIC DOMINO EFFECT: Ionospheric heaters, like HAARP and other large antenna-arrays use radio waves for communication and modification of the electromagnetic environment.

In a similar fashion, longitudinal Tesla waves or scalar waves can be deployed at a distance, targeted like ballistic missiles.

Did that happen in Haiti whose vast untapped reserves of gold, oil and potential drug trade after the end of the War on Drugs have become irresistably lucrative to the PTB (Powers That Be)?

The same techology that can image buried treasures can rock your world.

This fictional film uses the acronym HARMS (HARMS -- HIGH AURORA RADIO MISSILE SIGNAL) for the GLOBAL NETWORK of all HAARP-style transmitter arrays which can potentially target any site on Earth.

Also called Incoherent Scatter Radar (ISR) facilities, the also include HIPAS in Alaska, Arecibo in Puerto Rico, EISCAT in Norway, Sura in Russia, Jicamarca in Peru, and Lawrence Livermore National Lab in California.

The Jicamarca Radio Observatory is the equatorial anchor of the Western Hemisphere chain of incoherent scatter radar (ISR) observatories extending from Lima, Per

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