New formula to manage frizzy, curly, unruly locks hair for black women

Agent-x - May 29 2012, 7:45 PM

This new product will soon reach Haiti and will become a bestseller by leaps and bounds in Haiti.

20 to 50 years later scientist probably will say that it is a contributing factor to health hazard.

According to the BBC on 29 May 2012, My Business: Developing a formula for frizzy hair.

What makes an entrepreneur?

BBC Brasil's Julia Carneiro and Tom Santorelli hear from Heloisa "Zica" Assis, who developed a hair treatment to manage her own unruly locks and ended up catering to the demands of a large number of Brazilians with frizzy or tightly curled hair.

Heloisa Assis spent 10 years mixing and churning all sorts of different hair creams at home in search of a formula.

She was determined to find a better way to take care of her frizzy strands of hair without having to straighten them, a common practice among black Brazilians who do not want to go for the Afro look.

When she was finally happy with the results, she left her job as a domestic maid and convinced her husband to sell the VW Beetle he used as a taxi. They invested $1,500 (

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