Mr ti Coq, I will agree with you that cunt'bitch is better...

Monel - May 3 2012, 5:46 PM

Mr ti Coq, I will agree with you that cunt'bitch is better than us if I see she gives you an appopriate opinion about your link.
It's easy for someone talking about sensless things, because you don't need to much thoughts, you just say whatever you want, but give an opinion about a subject as your link it's not easy for someone like her, because she needs to do some search to give you an opinion which got some arguments who can convaince people.

You're verry smart Bro, I do felicitate you, for that request you're been doing to her.If she got any capacity to give you an opinion appropriate about your link, I will be glad to her, then I'm gonna reply to her to ask her pardon for all derespectfull I did to her.
Bro, I'm waiting her opinion about that link now ! not after 2 or 3 days, because every time someone replied to her, she doesn't take time to answer.

Bravo Ti coq, ou soulaje'm. Ti madam fe'm we' longe'ou, pou mwen sispann rele'ou ZOKKI OR ZOGIGIT Mrs Elizabeth

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Elizabeth: Please, Ignore them. You are better than...

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