Agent-x, i can see...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - April 24 2012, 6:37 AM

Agent-x, i can see Chavez kissing his crucifix while embracing his daughter in Cuba.

Where is Martelly?

Yesterday afternoon, i spoke to a powerful man in the Haitian army, he assured me that Martelly is kicking well like you said, he even told me, they are calm, standing firm to take action for any malfactors that have any bad idea against the Haitian president.

Martelly need to show his face like Chavez to the nation.


Martelly & Cavez are victims of the same laboratories of psychological war

Martelly and Chavez are alive and kicking. One of our collaborator saw M. Martelly last night around 11 P.M. He was...

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You know I am not a Martelly supporter,except when he...

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