You know I am not a Martelly supporter, except when he give a...

Agent-x - April 24 2012, 10:02 AM

You know I am not a Martelly supporter, except when he give a detour causing uncle rice and beans to fell on his buttocks or tail depending of the point of view of the observer, then I support his action but not him because he is pro bourgeois.

Nevertheless, I suspect that Martelly may not be in an adequate position to show his face like Chavez did to the TV because Martelly has a part time job as an autodidact pseudo chemist that entails some serious side effects especially if he is still a Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Martelly probably will need a parachute and enough oxygen to allow him to land safely in the front of the TV camera.

Although Francois Duvalier never been a parachute dependent, he used to hire several look alike to bamboozle the public whenever he cannot be preset or too afraid to go at a particular location.

one of his favorite look alike was Mr. Charlot who used to live on Boulevard Jean Jacques Dessalines aka Grand Rue,[ in English we will call it Broadway even though we know it is tinny way or skinny way]in Port-au- Prince, across the fireman station.

Duvalier used to put Charlotte on his limousine escorted by several cars, police on motorcycles, sirens to make believe that was him.

I suspect if Charlot or the other look alike had to make a speech to the public, Duvalier had a pre-recorded speech for the occasion while charlot was moving his lips accordingly with no problem.

During this period [1957-1971]freedom of the press was nonexistent in Haiti.

Charlot and other look alike were not worry that journalists would seize the opportune circumstance to importune them with questions then to discover they were speaking to an impersonator.

Martelly has the intention to put his wife at the end of his term, then his son. If he has an ominous diagnostic, He probably will have his collaborators to go to Dominican Republic, Dominica,Belize, Brazil,St Lucia, Bahamas,Jamaica etc to recruit potential look alike while his wife will run in the background the affairs ot he country.

If Martelly would decide to implement such stratagem, let's hope that the power struggle that exist among his staff will not entice one of the actor to reveal his stratagem

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