Martelly & Cavez are victims of the same laboratories of psychological war

Agent-x - April 24 2012, 5:33 AM

Martelly and Chavez are alive and kicking.

One of our collaborator saw M. Martelly last night around 11 P.M. He was Awake, Alert,Oriented 4,meaning Martelly is alive, awake, alert and oriented to person, place, time and events.

That put to rest malicious rumors from uncle beans laboratories of psychological war.

Chavez had been the victims of the same malicious rumors.

Chavez called Venezuelan state television from Cuba yesterday to dispel rumors that he had died undergoing cancer treatment at a hospital in Havana.

Chavez said,

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x,i can see Chavez kissing his crucifix while embracing his daughter in Cuba. Where is Martelly? Yesterday afternoon more »

Agent-x says...

You know I am not a Martelly supporter,except when he give a detour causing uncle rice and beans to fell on his buttocks or tail depending of the... more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x,i already have my answer"the reason he cannot show himself yet". Because he still in the Hospital"he went back Sunday afternoon". more »

Agent-x says...

His wife may need a look alike just in case he will be absent from Haiti for more than for weeks,four months or four years and 19 days. The press... more »

Agent-x says...

This is the same info that I translated in les than one second via Google translate or automated translation. Now you going to tell me that all the... more »