M.S., How did you know that I got home last night? It has been...

Bernadette - April 22 2012, 11:53 PM

M.S., How did you know that I got home last night?

It has been almost a month that I was playing Florence Nightingale to my suddenly sick mother due to an allergic reaction from a heart medication.

She was on life support and did signed a "Do not rescicitate" clause.

Don't care what she said, I was not about to let them pull the plug. My two sisters picked up and will be with her for awhile.

Revenons a nos moutons, What is Franklin Montinat to you?

Why are you so interested in his case?

I simply told you that I got in contact by phone on numerous occasions to locals who have never left the area and the answer was that Montinat was a non-issue.

If you know more than they do, I suggest that you send some teledjols in those areas to enlight and alert these people.

I am delighted that you have traveled extensively.

I hope consequently, it makes you a better person.

Take care

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Bernadette, as you know, I didn't have to answer your...


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Bernadette, I am sorry about your Mom, wish her a...

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