Bernadette, as you know, I didn't have to answer your reply...

Martelly S Supporter - April 22 2012, 4:37 AM

Bernadette, as you know, I didn't have to answer your reply above, someone has did it for me.
Re: Franklin Montinat identity, everybody in Leogane, Gressier, petit Goave knows that thug. Only you & your people in Haiti don't know him.
According to your arguments, it seems that you & your people have something going on with the Montinats.

You could be related to them.
You have questionned my experiences with other countries, I have been in Madagascar, So Africa, N. & C. Africa, including Midle East. Also, New Deli, three + years in France & entourages.

Vancouver, the old City, Jumeau, Argentina, Bresil, C. America, St. Martin, ect. So when I said that the Haitians are the best people in the World, when it comes to peaceful, cooperative and forgiven people, you doubt it.
This is your business.

I stand behind my words.

Please cesse defending franklin montinat and his gang.

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