The bag lady will make Michelle Bennet looks like a girl scout and a pauper

Ekirt. B - April 22 2012, 8:01 PM

By May 15th 2012 the rapacious bag lady in the national palace will make Michelle Bennett in her splendor in 1984 looks like an innocent girl scout or even a pauper in comparison.

Monies highjacked from monies transfers and telephone calls currently are being deposited on several banks around the world under fictitious names.

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Monel says...

Se pa selman sofia Martelly kap desherpiye kess leta non,genyen papa,l Saint Remy se souse moun sa yo ap souse kess leta.Nan 12 mwa Ekip sa piye... more »

Ekirt. B says...

We should alert more people around the world about those gangsters so they could be under watch 24 X 7 X 366. If we add up the earthquake monies and... more »