Blacks minds are already infested with these viruses planted...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - April 10 2012, 6:42 AM

Blacks minds are already infested with these viruses planted by the whites.

The damages are permanent in all levels "classes".

I believe everything can be reverse in no time.
Inferiority complexe is the matter of the mind, it's like a mirage or just pure ullision.

+The media can expose the effect to the world;"Presently we keep things for ourselves to ourselves, hiding ourselves from the truth, saying or believes we don't have a major problems in our lives".

+Teaching our kids from babies there are beautiful, smart, strong ect more of it every day.
Like i said, expose the problems out in plain views, the people will accept the way they are with time.
For instance, my mother never buys white dolls for my sisters, and you know in Haiti the market is flooded only with white dolls.

She goes to the country side have some women or friends hand sewing some nice dolls for my sisters, as for me my parents stop buying me toys when i was about five, they told me to makes my own toys.
It's not too late for a cure.

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The solution to this apparent dilemma is not easy...


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