Marjorie Middy, I know you and I cannot mix or be in the same...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - March 31 2012, 7:35 AM

Marjorie Middy,
I know you and I cannot mix or be in the same room together without having a fence between us, but i will say what i have to say anyway.

This is the main reason that drive Duvalier"Papa doc"to a so-called beast in motion against his own people.

I always categorize Haitians as animals without logic for a reason or should i say black people, because Africa blacks are in the same level of destruction paths compare to the rest of the world.

For some reasons Haiti is the worse of all, people shouldn't blame no one but us Haitians.

Duvalier was the only effective tools for Haitians.

I am praying Jehovah every day for another leader that can turn these animals into humans.

As for now only a civil war, i mean i big one to drain that bad blood out in our system.

I rather have only 200,000 Haitians good in this planet stead having 10,000,000 worthless animals in this planet.

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Yep, some people don't believe the dechoukaj is over...

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