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Bernadette - March 28 2012, 7:00 PM

Martelly S Supporter, If Franklin Montinat is from Leogane, he is not well known in Gressier because I have made numerous phone calls to Gressier to people who have been living there for more than 200 years (generations to generations) and they don't seem to know much about this Montinat guy. When I told them that I got the information through the Net and a Haitian site, they invariably laughed out loud. They thought I was joking.

They also said that If that Montinat guy happened to be real, they would "take care of him".

Leogane-Gressier happened to be my childhood summer vacation turf. I know it pretty well and also know much about the people living there.

My relatives (par alliance) still have lots of land there.

I also understand that region (Leogane-Gressier) holds a lot of potentials for new comers because it is relatively close to Port-au-Prince and is a coastal town...

In all fairness, when I told them the judge has minimal education to do his job, they (locals) defended him. Their answers were that if the judge knows the people and knows specifics about themselves and Gressier, then he does not need to be a "Philosophe".

Go figure.

I had to rethink my rationale because they had a valid point.

A judge does not necessarily have to be a lawyer.

Remember in the old days, in Africa and even in provincial Haiti, It is the appointed "Elders" who decide how things should run in their Canton.

These elders did not have a law degree or could barely write and read but they had wisdom.

In that sense, I stood corrected.

What I have learned from them is that sometimes you have to look at issues from others perspectives that may or may not be your own.

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