This a laughing matter.The situation is very amusing. It is...

Myrtho - March 12 2012, 4:01 PM

This a laughing matter.The situation is very amusing.

It is surprising to me that Moise is acting like a moron.

Where was he before the election.

If he wants to play dirty more power to him but it is very childish to attack a very powerful empire like the US. That Moise character doesn't know that he is playing with fire. I understand that sleep deprivation can distort people thinking but how can he not know if the US put Martelly in power, their decision is irreversible .There is nothing the almighty Moise can do.From my prospective he might have a plan, a comprised one that makes a candidate for a good psychiatric evaluation.

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Well done my friend.this MOISE JEAN CHWAL is quite a...

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