If the United States of America wants President Martelly there...

Josy - March 12 2012, 3:10 PM

If the United States of America wants President Martelly there for now he will remain president, and "Moise sauve des eaux" cannot do "nada" about it. President Martelly is Haitian, but for the sake of argument let say he was from Timbuku or an another planet.

There is absolutely nothing anybody would be able to do, and the USA will win. The Haitian Senate, or The world Senate and "Moise sauve des eaux" cannot do jack about it.

Moise better watch his mouth, and accusing the USA of fraud is huge. He might find himself in a jail in Miami, or in Shangri-La and he deserves it. He is not invincible, and making nasty allegations about America.

President Martelly was elected by the majority of Haitians, and will finish his term. He will win the re-election, and will do good for the country.

GOD is for President Martelly, and who could be against him.

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