Is the Haitian Senate Accusing US Immigration of Fraud?

I have a feeling that the Haitian senators are trying to accuse the United States Department of Homeland Security of FRAUD... Read this... then LOOK at the photo... and tell me what you see...

President Martelly Passport Stamp Nov 21 2007

"The chairman of a special investigating senate commission on nationality, Senator Jean-Charles Moïse (Nord/Inite), announced on Sunday that the commission would hold 8 passports given by President Michel Martelly indefinitely because of irregularities found during analysis..."

"The chairman said that a second investigation has begun into a possibly fraudulent endorsement on Michel Martelly's passport for a November 21, 2007 airline flight. A senator, identity not revealed, has already went to the Toussaint Louverture International Airport to interview immigration officers on how this could have been done, said Moïse." (Source

Take a close look at the stamp on the passport photo...

It is a UNITED STATES Department of Homeland Security and Border Protection Immigration entry stamp from the Miami International Airport...

Is it me OR... Is the Haitian Senate trying to accuse US Department of Homeland Security of Fraud?

Because if they are, I think this Haitian political drama has just been escalated to an International issue.

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Jrousseau says...

I consider you point of view aysien

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Monel says...

Mr JRousseau, stop being a looser dreamer that only Duvalier was right.

Keksyon ou poze eske peyi dayiti bezwen yon paleman, la ou gen rezon, men mwen menm male pi lwen pou-m di eske ayiti bezwen yon prezidan tou. paske tout se

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J Rousseau says...


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Doris Walcker says...

yes I believe the Haitian Denate is accusing the US immigration of fraude.

The US should do someting

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Paul Cyrus says...

I am very sad for that senator, it would be better for him to kick bare foot a cactus.

Instead of talking all of these nonsense.

He is embarrassing himself, I don't think he has an adviser.

If he's not careful he'll be the jackass of the century.

I did work for the justice department, I don't think a person in the right might would try to mess with these

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Jay says...

ok senate moise yon bon investigator konsa pouki sa li pa ede stop fraud kap fait nan caise leta en haiti anpil lajan ap antre nan caise chak annee nou toujou pa gin rout yo pap jan m bay yon rapport pou di conbien ki entre peyi a ap avance konbien lajan ki entre nan caise et me koman yo depansel mon cher se nate mwen ta rinmin ou utiliser skills sa ou ginyin pou mete l ou sevis peyi a.mesi min Dessaline tap diw mesi.nou se pa le koulev fi n passe pou nap veyer trace epi tou ki regade moun Prezident mattely te american se bon rezilta nou bezwen .nou bezwen pou Haiti changer si se 100%ki ka changel ok Haiyitian american pa gin problem yonsel bagay se changemen nou bezwen .travay lopital, universite,electricite.

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Josema says...


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Elizabeth says...

Well done my friend.this MOISE JEAN CHWAL is quite a character.the guy is so stupid that he put stupidity to a new level.

where are this guy come from and whorse of it, a bunch of so called well educated bunch of people are following him and he looks like nobody would be able to stop him. its a

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Normand says...


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Pierre H Grandoit says...

Si le senator est un homme qui represente le progress et la prosperite pour les haitiens.

Il doit mettre ses mains at sa tete ensemble avec le president D'HAITI.

Le senator est un homme qui voulait la soffrance la misere
at les crimes pour les

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