Cher Monel, Don't let these people rent space in your head. I...

Bernadette - March 4 2012, 12:54 AM

Cher Monel, Don't let these people rent space in your head. I believe some of them get excited when people get angry to the point of resulting to coarse language.

They are masochists.

Thank you for the kind words and are fully appreciated.

I am sorry though that you thought I was being rude and unappreciative of your efforts here on the blog. By Politik Twotoi I meant news that did not necessarily hit the mainstream newspapers.

If that offended you, I am sorry.

I am not an aggressive person but If I perceived malice, my fangs come out and they are very pointed and sharp.

I don't mind at all that your views are different than mine, if they were, it would have been very boring.

You are entitled to your opinion, good, bad or indifferent.

Take care,

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Sorry to all my love bloggers mates... Hey! CADELL...

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