This is hardly proof. You are talking about a book where...

Carl Henry Dietz - February 18 2012, 9:29 PM

This is hardly proof.

You are talking about a book where people give information they want about their accomplishments in their private lives as Haitian-Americans.

This is not a government book detailing a list of who is who in the Haitian diaspora.

You like sensation news too much. Do you have a personal vendetta against our president?

We want to know.
Do not confuse personal data from civilians to governmental hard facts like date, time place and date of birth, last and first name and place where the naturalization took place and who was present during the ceremony, signed by the American government.

We should check you out as a possible individual terrorist who wants harm to the president because you spent too much time on the blog persecuting the president.

What are you doing off blogging time?

preparing your ammunition to physically attack the president.

You do understand your act is a crime, right?

You are behaving like a political criminal against our president.

After yesterday's incident, the president council should not take you lightly.

They should check you out as a possible danger to the president.

You are excessively obsess with the president.



Since Senator MOISE JEAN-CHARLES has blown out the Bombshell that president Martely got couple nationalities,lot of...

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