Bernadette, sorry I keep you busy like that, he might be my...

Monel - February 18 2012, 10:23 PM

Bernadette, sorry I keep you busy like that, he might be my last reply, because I don't usually to see back to back in the blog. I can't end the debate without bringing some precision for you.
I've known that, bias means not equal for everybody, I didn't say that, you didn't take attention what I said.
In your last posting, you said our constitution is bias for people who were created in 1987,I was replied to you, it's not only bias for those who created it in 1987,it's bias for martely too, if he doesn't want the status quo, he got obligation to publish the one who was amended.

And then, I wanna tell you I'm not an Aristidian, I'm a lavalas.that mean since 1990 the concept lavalas represented Haitian people's aspirations, in that circuit they have plenty of men like Even Paul, victor Benoit, Gerard Pierre Charles and co, don't need to name everybody.

If that concept who doesn't mean Aristide, did not do so many things since 30 years, is that those men's fault who got the power now, especially Mr. Martely and co who used to participate in all kinds of coup d'etat criminals .I remembered in 1991 the paranoiac crackhead who named MICHEL MARTELY was hired by Michel Francois Cedras in a "Ninjas groups" to massacre people in the popularity's zones.

This is a form of coup d'etat too, I don't consider that argument like an exclusion, when you said if Martely gone, the newly elected not Aristide, I'm 100% agree with you, but that's when you said the newly elected in not be Aristide's nominate either.

I got problem with that, could you be cleared for me that is a coup of force or an exclusion, how do you call that my dear Dedette.

Do you think too, the newly elected gonna be The DUVALIERS or Duvalier's nominate.

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Monel, This is the last that I will say on this...



Yes,the president of Haiti Mr. Joseph Michel Martely is a citizen American,according to the last statement of the US...

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