Bernadette, if United states only accept its citizenship, you...

Monel - February 16 2012, 11:20 PM

Bernadette, if United states only accept its citizenship, you said that doesn't mean a citizen can't have multiple citizenship elsewhere, I'm very confusing in that argument, how do you call that?

if you got a friend who is American's citizen, and also French's citizen, one more time how do you call that, or he got French citizenship without united states acknowledges.

because if US have known your friend got French citizenship at the same time he got US citizenship, how you call that Dedette, you might be revised your argument, it has some contradiction.

Return at our sheep's, for Haiti we accepted only Haitian citizen without any others foreign passports according to our constitution, even though you called it" fake ",this is only one we have. by the time you come with a good one. nobody is above the fake one we got now, we have to deal with it, and respect it.
In Martely's case, if he refuse to corporate with the parliament's commission of investigating, I don't think that 67.5% in 700 thousands people can back up Martely to keep the power.Poor dedette there is some parameter you don't have, you're innocent, I know you love Haiti like everyone, I know you believe in Martely, is your choice, may be you're far from the reality, when you said everything done.
Dedette, je pense que la messe n'etait pas meme commencer, voir meme que tu pense qu'elle est terminee.

le chemin de la Croix va commencer apres le carnanal pour le respect du peuple haitien.

Le 29 fevrier 2012,se sera la premiere messe dominicale.

manman pitit mare vant yo.

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Monel, the United states only ACCEPT its citizenship...



Yes,the president of Haiti Mr. Joseph Michel Martely is a citizen American,according to the last statement of the US...

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