Monel, I am sorry that my argument was not clear to you. Let...

Bernadette - February 17 2012, 12:48 AM

Monel, I am sorry that my argument was not clear to you. Let us suppose that you have an American passport and a French passport.

US will tell you, that it does not care about your French citizenship and won't recognize it. Like a lot of diaspora from other countries do often so they can go back to their respective country to take advantage of, for example better health care or better and cheaper university degrees or a better pension (governmental).

It is very true that you returned to the US your foreign passport and or your green card and plaid allegiance to America during the formal ceremony upon becoming a naturalized American Citizen.

So far so good?

OK, now, when you go back to your birth country, France who will accept your foreign (American) citizenship and endorsed you with a new French passport for France ONLY. Although your French passport will not be recognized by the United States but will not interfere with your American citizenship.

European diaspora do it all the time. As a private citizen it works well but if you are entering politics, some politicians may frown upon it because they most likely will want to make a case regarding YOUR LOYALTY.

Multiple citizenship is a given all over Europe.

This is not an esoteric concept.

You probably were not following my blogs a year ago. Martelly was far from being my preferred choice...But when Martelly got elected, I abide the the people's choice and learned to respect it.
Monel, I don't think you understand me. Martelly is not the prize he is just a vehicle to get Haiti where it should be that is, for the moment, political stability and an acceptable level of poverty.

Martelly is not the prize, Haiti is. As a symbol of stability and not to repeat our coups as usual, it would have been politically correct to let Martelly finished his term in peace and quiet as to let him be among Haiti's very rare and the few who finished his term on a good note. It would be a giant step towards democracy, political growth and a positive image for Haiti.

I am no fool, this premise is uncertain and quite frankly unlikely that he will finish his term. But I hope that he would for the reasons given.

I understand there are many snags around the Haitian President.

People who are unhappy with their lives and have nothing better to do since employment is almost non existent and life is stressful.

The president could become a target.

Again I hope that there are enough people with sense and vision to not let their lower instincts guide them. I hope there will be enough people who can think clearly enough as to not confuse the tree for the forest.

Since the President has been elected, so la messe est deja dite et elle est terminee.

By the way, I have no problem losing an argument, if its right.

I am not a fanatic.

Ideas are fluid and non absolute.

Like a constitition ill founded vs. real human pain and suffering.

I will choose the latter san gade deye.
Monel, whether you like it or not, lots of Haitians like Martelly enough to fight for him to keep office et ampitou, kote ou kite militair etranger an mem?

Ou konpren ke li pral gade deux boi kroize.

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Bernadette,if United states only accept its...



Yes,the president of Haiti Mr. Joseph Michel Martely is a citizen American,according to the last statement of the US...

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Ok Bernadette,I do understand your argument now,but...

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