Pwenfepa, I'm not agree with you, when you called for senator...

Monel - January 15 2012, 9:15 PM

Pwenfepa, I'm not agree with you, when you called for senator Moise Jean Charles should be censured, demoted and even arrested for defamation.

Did you remember when Donald Trump accused president Obama who doesn't have American birth certificate, that's mean Trump challenges Obama about his nationality, after president Obama posted his American's birth certificate on internet, I didn't hear anybody called for arrested Donald Trump for defamation.

I think this is the parliamentary's job to challenge anybody or anything which concerned about the society.

Moise Jean Charles could be wrong in his challenge after investigation, that's doesn't mean the senator supposed to prosecute, this is Martely and his government's members to prove their nationalities.

we talk soon bro.

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There are obviously some sick people out there trying...

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