LOOK - Michel Martelly's USA Passport - Real Or Fake?

There is a copy of Haiti President Michel Martelly's American passport circulating on the Internet... Take a look and tell me... Is it Real OR Fake?

This is to assume that the Haitian President is a US Citizen and therefore his presidency is unconstitutional.

So is Michel Martelly's USA Passport real If is it fake?

Jean Claude Elie of RockMasters.com says...

"I have an American passport, and if anyone thinks the USA would issue a passport to Martelly in 2007 (4 years ago) with that picture, then you need to have you head examined...

Oh I assume he put on a wig for the picture and they still gave him the passport when showed up much older and with a bald head...

Maybe he had cosmetic surgery, or lots of make up and was wearing the wig in the picture...

This is forgery at its worst and very poorly done... an Obama Birthday trick... I aint buying it..."

Also... The Birthdays Do Not Match...

A legitimate US issued Passport is a Machine Readable Passport (MRP), it has special Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) which are the two long lines below the picture and each line is 44 characters long.

In the second row, Characters 14-19 is should match Michel Martelly's date of birth (YYMMDD)

Look at the picture and tell me what you come up with...


Do you still think this passport is real? It looks very convincing doesn't it?

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Sorin says...

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Worldwide Novelty Doc says...

It is very difficult to detect fake passports.

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Charlotte says...

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Andre Freunde says...

The machine readable zone's all wrong
and what's more, i know that passport

It was used in Cars 2 for Mater's passport in the credits.

It's also used in the HowCast video for getting a new passport the character in said video for the new passport, where it's named Michaela Gogulski.

The real owner of the passport is Michael Gogulski, now stateless.

You can visit his website

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Goilalian says...

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Wilton says...

This is fake, the US does not issue passports for a five year term only ten years, and it is missing the machine readable lines, all passports issued on this date

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Napoleon Jean Lambert says...

any one use the fake passport to do diffarmation if the department of justice do his work the dennonciator should be interpelation to esplain where or who maked this

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Myrline Alcindor says...

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Jean Joseph says...

they don, t have American passport for 4 years they have 5 & 10 years to have a 5 years passport you suppose to have 16th years old or less after 17 years the minimum is 10

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Rvl says...

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