No Brian Andrew, the Clinton not in Haiti to continue their...

Monel - January 15 2012, 10:07 PM

No Brian Andrew, the Clinton not in Haiti to continue their benevolence.Clinton's represent the united states government.

I think bill Clinton doing good job for your government on Haiti's back. Clinton continue the same protocol on behalf of US American.

Where's the $4 milliards dollars given the countries all over the world to rebuild Haiti,2 years after not even the rubbles Clinton not take them out of the street.

of course Hillary Clinton have to be happy to wish Haitian people happy independence day because Clinton's foundation doing good on Haiti's back.
of course Brian Latin-carabbeans America did better for us, allow me to named some country like:Cuba gave us lot of opportunities in medical and others.

Venezuela gave us free oil, electricity without named Brazil, and Dominican republic.why do you ask me don't love and cherish those country, love one who only exploit us not even a public's toilet they not doing.

That's ashamed.

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Don't worry about it. The Clintons might want to...

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Bro Monel,you forget to say Venezuela give free oil...

Monel, friend, William Clinton is in Haiti by his own...

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