There are obviously some sick people out there trying to...

Pwenfepa - January 12 2012, 4:53 PM

There are obviously some sick people out there trying to destabilize an
already fragile country like Haiti.

For starters, since the so-called Haitian senators have impunity, this Moise Jean-Charles should be censured and demoted by his acolytes in the Haitian Senate and arrested for defamation and inciting riots in the country with his false accusations against the President of Haiti.

I have noted the same gross errors reported by the previous writer on this obviously photoshoped US passport.

At a time when Michel is all over the goddamn world trying to make things happen for the nation, at a time when young and old are daring to hope again, we don't need bozos like Moise Jean-Charles and his likes to try and derail the train for the million of Haitians who are starting to see real change, no matter how small it may be in the beginning.

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It's fake. The US Passport is valid for ten years and...

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