Bro Monel, i know what you are trying to clear out with me...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - January 12 2012, 6:56 PM

Bro Monel, i know what you are trying to clear out with me regarding the pictures those news network are showing.

Don't think i don't know the rod behind the scene.

But it's the focus point that is important in visual art, meaning misery at home is my focus.

Bro, Haiti is in bad shape regardless of its beauty, people are living like rats in dungeons where food is limited.

I am not talking about city rats here, because city rats have a complex life well organize with leaders.

Haiti is sick with the worse disease a nation can have.
It's time to expose the diseases of Haiti to the world.

As long we accept to accommodation bad politicians, bad criminals, bad business people in Haiti, than we just start to see miseries worse yet to come.

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my brother jean Pierre Alexandre,yes Haitians must...


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