To the mentally ill couple aka the great pretenders, aka make...

Agent-x - January 10 2012, 8:21 PM

To the mentally ill couple aka the great pretenders, aka make believe, you did not learn the basic information about the US even though that you live here for the last 85 years.

You wasted your welfare then your SSI checks in booze, cigarettes, m/j, OxyContin or, oxycodone, PcP, psilocybin mushrooms, angel dust, devil dust which cooked 98% of you neurons.[I means well done]
You wasted most of your awaken time watching soap opera, pornos, gambling buying thing that you don't really need including cars since you never have to go to work. You failed to learn useful information because you were too busy bullying the new immigrants.

You are so useless that at this moment I am in the phone now instructing protective services for adults in Manhattan to ship you by UPS or FedEx Express whichever is cheaper to a Nursing home junk yard in Florida as your antechamber to your final destination to the sea of tranquility.

Give the following phone number to your next to kin: Protective Services for Adults Manhattan South Borough Office 212-279-5794.

Those bloggers on belpolitik and Martelly blog are mostly from those Area codes that show up on my intrusion & timed delay countermeasure equipment.

Not too many bloggers are from Chicago, Florida, Boston, Rhode Island, Virginia and so on. The following Area codes that pop up on my security devices are from NY. I was able to lock in the mentally ill couple signal in the 914 Area code and by a process of triangulation get their coordinate.


For your information California has Macy's department stores
Dance your last tune in New York before you go to nursing home in Florida .those tune will time travelling you during your wasteful years of yesteryear.

First, I am ordering you to Dance now to the tune of let pretend.

One, two, three go ♪♫♪

Second, I am ordering you to Dance now to the tune of let make believe, one, two, three go ♫♪♫♪

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