do you believe president michel martely holds an us passport?

Monel - January 6 2012, 7:11 AM

According to the Haitian senator Moise Jean-Charles revelation, President Michel Martely, two ministers and one secretary of state have citizenship in foreign countries.

The declaration of the Haitian senator said:the senate's commission that investigated on the nationalities of the government found out the Martely-Conille government has many members who are currently foreign citizens.

Beside President Martely, the senator also mentioned the minister of foreign affairs Laurent Lamothe; the minister of tourism Stephanie Balmir Villdrouin and secretary of state of interior Georges Racine.

For me, I think if this found is true, all concerns people have to be punished for the constitution's violation.

Or if senator Moise Jean-Charles lying about and he doesn't have any proof for that case, he has to be punished too.
"manman-mwen Te toujou di-m moun pa di sa yo pa konnen, le ou fe manti ou fet pou'w pini"

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Monel, Bro,manman'wou se gwro moun'n;Paske'e tou manti pa fon,kom proveb la di tou. Anyway monel,i don't care if he have a Russian Passport or... more »

Jacques Cherenfant says...

Mim si Martelly ta gin paspo merikin! who cares.Tout otorite Haitien pa jam ka tande parol koupe visa san tout ko yo pa vin molisk.Min oui tet yo... more »

Monel says...

Martely has been visited Senator and political's animal JOSEPH LAMBERT last week.For two hours two things was discussed. 1-.the amendment's... more »