Jean, I did in time feel regrets after it became clear to me...

Earl Wheby - December 5 2011, 2:07 PM

Jean, I did in time feel regrets after it became clear to me what was going on and when I returned to U.S. I went to office of the opposition in Miami and when I told them I had been a pilot for Ernest Bennett I was led into a back room where I drew them a map of Bennetts car dealership which was later trashed by angry mobs. The Bennetts left Haiti with Baby Doc and now Ernest Bennet is dead. I did as you advised and sorry it took me so long to discover things were not normal.

One of the first indications I had things were not right was when Bennett would often say things like 'I will take this up with the President' etc. and the posters always showing photo of his daughter with the President eveywhere.

I agree Bennett knew nothing about flying airplanes and one time he suggested flights to Cuba but when he was told the U.S. wouldn't like it he dropped the idea. I think his interest in aviation was to be able to fly to Panama whenever he desired for his Banking operations were done out of Panama and he stashed his money in Panama and once said to me: 'The best Banks in the world are in Panama' which explained why he was always flying to Panama.

I give you and others in Haiti my apology it took me so long to see what was going on with the Bennetts.

At the time (early 1980s) Baby Doc was still a young man and his only fault was he wasn't that much interested in government.

Please accept my apology for taking so long to get messages to the then opposition based in Miami but I did eventually do the right thing.

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Earl,possibly you are good guy.BUT you failled big...

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